Alc/Vol: 45%
Desert Spoon:
 Dasylirion Wheeleri
Master Sotolero: Héctor Jiménez
Ranch: Ventantas, Durango
Water: Fresh stream water
Cooking:  Underground oven for 3 days
Milling: Crushed by hand
Fermentation: Natural in ground level concrete tanks
Distillation: Double distilled in copper alembic stills

“This meaty sotol is cooked underground using mesquite and acacia, that gives this herbaceous sotol some pronounced smokey notes that balances perfectly the fruity tones, has a very long finish”.


With the experience of a liftetime, Don Hector Jimenez produces this sotol in the vinata or distillery that is mere meters away from the house that he was raised in.  After a brief pause in the distillery from the original producer Domingo Sariñana, Don Hector and his son Gamaliel, have brought back to life this legendary distillery preserving the tradition that this legendary distillery has had for over 100 years.


This distillery, or vinata that is common term, located in the north of Durango has a history of over 100 years producing this wonderful spirit where this site is known to produce the best sotol.  This sotol is made in the traditional manner harvesting only mature plants, cooking the sotols in lava rock lined underground oven, crushing by hand, fermenting with natural airborne yeasts, and double distilling in a small copper alembic still.



2oz Sotol Fabriquero Durango
1oz Lime juice
¾ oz Vermouth
½ oz chili infused agave nectar
3 Dashes Angostura Bitters
3 Slices muddled ginger

Muddle ginger, add remaining ingredients. Shake well.