Alc/Vol: 47%
Desert Spoon: Dasylirion Cedrosanum
Maestro Sotolero: Gerardo Ruelas
Ranch: Cuatro Cienagas, Coahuila
Water: Fresh Steam Water 
CookingUnderground for 4 days
Milling: Crushed by hand
Fermentation: Natural in ground level concrete tanks
DistillationDouble distilled in copper alembic stills

“This vibrant sotol used a wild variety that is native to the western slopes of Coahuila.  This higher elevation sotol gives off notes of pine and fresh mint, with sweet undertones”


Don Gerardo Ruelas comes from a long lineage of sotoleros, making sotol in the time honored tradition.  Based in Aldama, Chihuahua, Don Gerardo has ventured all over the northern territory learning of the different varietals as well as the affects of terroir



2 oz Fabriquero Sotol Coahuila
0.25 oz Elderflower liquor
1 oz yuzu juice
0.5 oz simple syrup
2 dashes lemon bitters
Pinch of mint
3 slices of cucumber
Splash of seltzer

Muddle cucumber and mint, add sotol, yuzu juice, elderflower liquor and simple, shake well. Double strain and top with seltzer..